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 Abreviated TitleLong TitleAuthorDate Published
Select2MM2000 manx MarinersFrances Wilkins2000
SelectAIMAPAchill Island Maritime Archaeological ProjectChuck Meide2004/2005
SelectAOCThe Annals of Connaught  
SelectAOIAnnals of Inisfallen  
SelectAOMHAtlas Of Maritime HistoryRichard Natkiel1986
SelectASArgyll ShipwrecksPeter Moir and Ian Crawford1994
SelectASCOTWWAmerican Ship Casualties of the World WarHistorical Section USN1923
SelectASTThe Atlas Of Shipwreck And TreasureNigel Pickford.1994
SelectB&I Line.SameHazel Smyth1984
SelectB.Mc.Brian Mac Alister of Moorings MarineBrian McAlister 
SelectBCL. Brown CollcetionBrownAD
SelectBCBrian CrummyFisherman, East and south coasts of Irl.Obtained from BC in Feb. 2014
SelectBIBere Island. ( A Short Story)Ted O'Sullivan1992,1996
SelectBIMBord Iascaigh MharaOwn records. Copy of received from 'Aquarius'1998
SelectBLWWBright Light, White WaterBill Long1993
SelectBMSSBUBritish Merchant Ships sunk by U-boats in the 1914-1918 War.A.J.Tennent1990
SelectBooth LineBooth LineP.M.Heaton1987
SelectBOTBritish Board of TradeBritish GovernmentVarious
SelectBPJThe Blackwater Parish JournalThe Parish2003
SelectBray ListSameFormer Bray Librarian, Charlie Coughlan 
SelectBSACBSAC Wreck Register.(Wales, Isle Of man, Ireland.)BSAC,sub commitee1985
SelectBSOYBrave Seamen Of Youghal ( & Other Stories.)Mike Hacket1995
SelectBVLSBritish Vessels Lost At Sea,1914-18 and 1935-45Her Majesty's Stationary office1988
SelectBWRBallycotton Wreck & Rescue, 2 volumes.Rev. B. Troy.1993
SelectCAITHCommissioners Appointed to Inquire into Tidal Harbours.Reports of statistics on accidental incidents and losses of vessls made to this body 
SelectCAOCSClyde And Other Coastal SteamersDuckworth & Langmuir1977
SelectCBBSSCommisioned Bray Bank Seabed SurveyDonald Boland2006
SelectCHJCork Historical JournalVarious issuesVar Vol/Year
SelectCKBSSCommissioned Kish Bank Seabed Survey 2008
SelectCMCCork Mercantile ChronicleCork newspaper 
SelectCPO Office BookChief Prevantative Officer's Office BookJ.P.KellyNot
SelectCSClyde ShipwrecksPeter Moir and Ian Crawford1997
SelectDanger ZoneDanger ZoneE.Kebble Chatterton1934
SelectDDDiscover DurseyPenelope Durell1996
SelectDesignaztecSameA reserach/salvage company. Sunday Times 08/11/1998.1998
SelectDHRDublin Historical RecordOld Dublin Society1959
SelectDOMSCRDepartment of the Marine shipping casualties reportDepartment of the Marine (Eire)2002
SelectDOTIreland's Dept. of Transport and Power( Dept. of Trade in Gt. Britain.)DOT1970
SelectDougeSame. First name only.Same. Collector, diver and local historian.1987-2002
SelectDP&DDublin Port and DocksArchivist employed part time.current